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Fjällräven Classic Germany takes place in the beautiful Allgäu. You can get there by car, train or plane.
Arrival by train
If you arrive by train, the destination station is “Oberstaufen”. You can easily walk to the starting area (1km). Please note that there is no free bus shuttle from the station to the starting area.
Arrival by car
Coming from the highway A7, you take the exit 136 direction Oberstdorf. Follow the A980 until the exit Lindau/Oberstaufen/Immenstadt/Untermaiselstein/Stein. Follow B308 until Kalzhofer Str. in Oberstaufen.
Arrival by plane
There are several airports around:

Memmingen (FMM)
Munich (MUC)
Stuttgart (STR)
Zurich (CH) (ZRH)

All airports have a good train connection to Immenstadt. Find more information here:
Along the trek you’ll be sleeping in a tent, but before the hike you have a couple of accommodation options.
But please note this is not included in the ticket price.
For all participants who arrive the day before and would like to experience camping, there will be a Fjällräven camping site in the immediate vicinity of the starting point from the day before start. Free tickets can be picked up from the volunteers on site. Toilets and showers are available. This Fjällräven campsite will also be available after Fjällräven Classic for one night of camping.
In the start area at Fjällräven Classic Germany, you will be able to do your check-in procedure on the following days:
The day before start: 4-8 pm
Starting day: 6-7:30 am
At the start, you will also get the following essentials (included in your ticket fee)
  • Trekking Passport
  • Route map
  • Trash Bag
  • Orange safety sheet
  • Stove
  • Food for the first day
At the start, you can make your last preparations, weigh your backpack, consult the trekking hosts and finalise your game plan for the day.
You will get your first stamp in your Trekking Passport at the start too.
All trekkers start on the first day in four different start groups. From 8:00am, the different groups hit the trail within a few minutes.
As part of Fjällräven Classic, we also offer a number of workshops on proper product care. You can also buy small items of equipment and merchandise.
Along the Fjällräven Classic Germany trail, there are two designated campsites as well as several checkpoints and mountain cabins
Day 1: 2 checkpoints + 1 mountain cabin
Day 2: 2 checkpoint + 2 mountain cabins
Day 3: 2 checkpoints + 2 mountain cabins
For your own safety, it is very important to get your Trekking Passport stamped at the start, finish, at all checkpoints and the campsites so that we can ensure that all participants have successfully completed the individual stages of the route.
After the two overnight stays on the designated campsites, the hike will continue on the second and third day between 8am and 9am.
There will be plenty of toilets along the way. You can use either the mobile toilets or the toilets in the mountain cabins.
You can also stop at the mountain cabins for refreshments. Please make sure that you have some cash (€) with you.
If you need help or if you have to abandon the trek, you can contact our volunteers.
We provide you with a Trash Bag to collect rubbish during the trek. It’s vital that you use it. You’re not allowed, under any circumstances, to drop litter along the route, at checkpoints, mountain cabins or at the campsites. We want to keep the area pristine and free from rubbish.
Join our nature quiz during the hike, submit your answers at the finish line and take part in the draw for great prizes.
Fjällräven Classic is about enabling you to get out and enjoy nature. That’s why we aim to take care of the basics. So your ticket fee includes the following:
  • Free parking in a designated parking lot in 1km distance from the starting area (if required)
  • Overnight camping at the start/finish area on the night before and after the hike (if required)
  • Storage of extra luggage at the start/finish area
  • A route map
  • A Trekking Passport to be stamped by Fjällräven volounteers with unique stamps at all the checkpoints, as well as at the start and finish
  • Gas to use for your camping stove. Gas is Primus Gas for use with stoves with a standard screw thread (see picture here)
  • Food for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Snacks and fresh fruit
  • Drinking water at every checkpoint and camp
  • Orange safety sheet to attach to your backpack. This is so we can see that you’re part of Fjällräven Classic Germany. The safety sheet is handed out at the start
  • Fjällräven Classic Trash Bag for taking care of your rubbish. During the hike you collect all your waste in the bag as you are not allowed to leave any waste along the route, at checkpoints or mountain cabins
  • A Fjällräven Classic Germany medal when you complete all 57kms
  • Trekker’s Inn-Party with live music at the finish
  • Workshops on proper product care
With the Fjällräven Classic, we aim to inspire people to enjoy nature and have a great time outdoors. However, a few rules must be followed – also to ensure your safety on this unforgettable hike. It is important for us that we leave the campsite in a better condition than we found it. We want everyone to take responsibility and think about future generations.
Together with you, we want to keep nature clean so that the next generation can also enjoy their time outdoors. Therefore, you will receive a reusable trash bag at the start, in which you can collect your own waste and any litter you find in nature.
Behavioural Rules
For the two nights during the Fjällräven Classic, designated camping areas (camps) are provided where all participants can pitch their tents. Please note that overnight stays are only allowed in the designated camps.

  1. Always set up your tent on solid ground, such as dry grass.
  2. Always treat people, animals, and nature with respect.
  3. When leaving in the morning, make sure to leave the campsite in an even better condition than you found it. This includes especially picking up and taking away your trash.
  4. Use the provided toilets at the camp and along the route, as well as the toilets at the huts.
Once you have crossed the finish line – tired but satisfied and happy – you will receive your final stamp for your trekking pass. Afterwards, all participants are warmly invited to the Trekker's Inn Party, which takes place on the last day from around 2 pm. Here, you will also be presented with your Fjällräven Classic Germany medal.
If you want to freshen up after the multi-day hike and before the party, shower facilities are available at the finish.
At the Trekker's Inn Party, in addition to local food and drinks, there will be live music and a raffle where you can win a great product from Fjällräven or one of our partners. You automatically participate in the raffle if you have completed the Nature Quiz along the route.
If you have questions, queries or problems concerning payment then please contact us at:
You can also ask us a question at any time on our Facebook page.


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Freeing nature from plastic at Fjällräven Classic
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