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Fjällräven Classic Denmark

3-6 July 2024

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DISCOVER Denmark's historical landscape

Discover enchanting castles, quaint manors, charming mills, and churches that time seems to have forgotten; trek through forests filled with life and over undulating farmland. With the coastline never far away, this 72km trail is a mixture of nature’s and people’s best creations. While Denmark's landscape may not be the most rugged, don't underestimate the challenge. July in Denmark can bring warm, pleasant days, but also rainy and windy ones. Being self-sufficient on this trail requires careful preparation and readiness for any weather.




Over grassy hills, through dark forests and along the shoreline. Trek around 72km along Øhavsstien and marvel at the appealing blend of culture and nature.

How to prepare for multi-day trekking

Find all the guidance, tips and know-how you need to feel fully prepared for Fjällräven Classic Denmark.

How to pitch your tent in challenging conditions
How to pitch your tent in challenging conditions
Packlist & Preparations
Packlist & Preparations
Event details: Your journey to the trail
Event details: Your journey to the trail

Got everything you need for the trail?

Durable, functional and timeless outdoor clothing and equipment.

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