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Ross Bowyer

Fjällräven Friend
Wilderness guide
United Kingdom | |
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Hi there! I'm a wilderness guide and bushcraft instructor, at home in remote environments around the world, depending on good equipment to be comfortable and safe.


  1. What aspect of being in nature is most important to you?
  2. Immersive connection, working with nature rather than against it.

  3. Tell us about your favorite adventure
  4. A 3 week snowshoe trip in northern Ontario, walking thrown the length of the Pontax river and out onto the sea ice on James’s Bay. Sleeping in tents with wood burning stoves and using natural materials to be comfortable down to -40c.

  5. Who do you enjoy spending the day out with?
  6. My partner, my dog, teaching students, on my own…I need a mix of these to feel balanced.

  7. Share a podcast/article/book/movie that you have enjoyed lately
  8. Outside podcast ‘Science of Survival’ on hypothermia…the best description I have heard.

  9. Do you have any favorite quote or words of wisdom that you often use or like specifically
  10. The closer you look the more you see, the more you see the more you understand.